Digital marketing is something which has taken the world by storm. It is the proof that there has to be equal preference given to smart work along with hard work. With the development of internet, there has been development of various features and add-ons thus making digital marketing easy for marketers. With the development of digital marketing, there has been a huge demand for extensions.

Here are some of the extensions which can be of great help to digital marketers.

1. Grammarly: If you tend to make a lot of spelling mistakes when you type, then you need Grammarly. It is a popular web extension on Chrome. It not only helps you to correct the grammatical mistakes as you type, but also helps you with basic grammatical functions such as sentence building. Google Chromes has a lot of users and Grammarly helps you in coming up with content which are free from grammatical mistakes in various instances like sending a tweet, uploading something on your blog etc. This will help you a lot if you are a frequent blogger.

2. Office Editing: This will help you when you have to edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. By just dragging such files and dropping them into your Chrome browser the problem is solved.

3. Colorzilla: This was developed by FireFox but it ended up becoming one of Google Chrome’s most popular plugins resulting in a lot of downloads. This is useful not only for web developers but for graphic designer too. You can use this to get colours from any part of your browser and paste it into another program. It has a lot of features such as Eyedropper, Palette viewer, Webpage Colour Analyser etc.

4. What font: Similar to Inspect Element, this extension helps by giving you information about a font by just hovering over a text in a website. It gives you information such as name of the font, size, colour used etc.

5. Mozbar: This is popular among those who are well versed with digital marketing. For all those who are not, Mozbar is a popular website with SEO related tools. It helps you increase your search engine rankings. This has lead to the creation of an extension called MozBar which is a hassle free SEO toolbar which helps you with SEO related work. It provides a lot of functions, such as instant metrics, comparison of link metrics across pages, info such as page authority, SERP analysis, conversion of SERP analysis into a CSV file etc.

6. SEOquake: This plug-in has features like keyword difficulty confirmation, keyworddensity, SEO audit etc.

7. Library Sniffer: Although it is a not so famous plug-in, it is one which can be very useful and helpful. It is a must have for every web developer and digital marketer. It helps you identify JavaScript libraries, server technologies etc that are being used on a website. This can be useful when there is a need for finding certain platforms or frameworks on which a website is built.

8. Ghostery: This extension is an ad block extension. It helps you to block ads and speed up websites. This can also be used to detect trackers which are embedded on the internet.

9. Alexa Traffic Rank: Alexa by Amazon.com is a company which helps you with SEO requirements. Alexa Traffic Rank is a Chrome extension which shows you information such as traffic rank etc. This is useful when you want to know your standing in terms of website speed.

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