What Are Some Interesting Facts About Rajasthan

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Rajasthan

Many Cities in Rajasthan are colour co-ordinated. Jaipur is Pink. Jodhpur is Blue. Jaisalmer is Golden. Udaipur is White.

The first well planned city of Nation India. The  city based on the some scientific principles of design was the city of Jaipur.  Sawai Jai Singh II assigned the project of designing and constructing the blue-print of this town to noted architect Purohit Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya, who succeeded in creating one of the most beautiful and structured cities in Nation India. 

The Build Wall of Kumbhalgarh Fort. 36 km long wall of the Kumbhalgarh Fort in Udaipur is the second largest designed and built wall in the world after Great Wall of China.

The only inhabited fort in the world. A world heritage site, Sonargadh Fort (Jaisalmer Fort) is known for its history and majestic architecture. But, what’s more, intriguing to know is that this fort is still home to a large mass of the population and is probably the only inhabited fort in the world!

Calling Hollywood. The magnificence of the forts and buildings in Rajasthan is hard to ignore, and Hollywood is no exception. You can see a glimpse of Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh fort in the classic Batman (Dark knight rises). Also, the beauty of Udaipur is framed beautifully in the movie James bond (Octopussy). Also Read Shreyans Jain's answer to What are some of the amazing unknown things about the Forts of Rajasthan?

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