North Sentinel Island Tribes

North Sentinel Island Tribes

North Sentinel Island is one of the Andaman Islands. The North sentinel Island was out of bounds for visitors till recently. However, in an exceedingly major step earlier this year, the govt. excluded this island and twenty-eight others within the union territory from the Restricted area permit or RAP regime. Until december 31, 2022, press agency PTI reported the lifting of RAP would enable foreigners to enter the island without permission from the govt.,
Sentinelese assumed to be direct descendants of the earliest humans who emerged from Africa. Their numbersbelieved to be 150 and as low as forty.

The chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes felt ‘bad
for Sentinelese that ‘No citizen of India can liveas savages or in the wilderness after more than fifty years of country’s independence,’

There was Indian Navy Exercise, there ship was very close to shore. The Sentinelese were on the beach, with bows and arrows, waiting. Signaled to them to go-away, they violently reject any contact with the outside world.

Some Fishermans stepped to their islands because of cyclones and heavy raining in the sea,but they were kiled over there by sentinelese.Commander Praveen Gaur was tasked to bring the bodies of two fishermans.after a huge efforts they were successfull to bring the bodies back.

An American tourist John Allen Chau,27 years old managed to sneak onto the North Sentinal Island By paying 25000 to the fisherman, making an attempt to convert Sentinelse to Christianity, where he was killed by them with arrows, Efforts have been made to retrieve the body back, buried by the tribals, have been unsuccessful so far.

Indian Government recognise the islanders' desire to be leave alone and restrict their role to remote monitoring

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