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GuruNanak | GuruPurab

Radiance Vision Group is one of the growing organizations that provide digital marketing as well as video services. Established 8 years ago with the vision to best serve the clients and reach the top, we have grown from a struggling firm to a successful organization.

The word gurpurab 1st appeared within the time of the gurus. it's a compound of the word purab that means a competition or celebration, with the word guru.
Gurunank the founder of sikhisim was born on Vaisakhi Day, April 5, 1469 in shekhupura district of pakistan. Guru Nanak was born on Pooranmashi month katik, His Birth is celebrated on Full Moon(pooranmashi).but on demand of various sikh saints the original Nanakshahi calendar follows the tradition and celebrates it on kartik purnima.GuruNanak was the First of the ten sikh gurus.

Guru Nanak travelled far with teaching peoples about the one god who dwells in his every creation. He set up a unique spiritual, social, and political platform based on fraternal love,equality, virtue and goodness.

One of his famous quotes,  Death would not be called bad, if one knew how to truly die. 

We at Radiance Vision are situated in Mumbai, Vashi and Thane. We are committed to providing high quality service to our clients in fields related to video production etc. Our services through our various plans and packages related to Corporate Video Makers, Viral Video Makers, with the trends in the society such that our services are one of the most sought not only by people in and around Mumbai, Vashi and Thane but by people all around the world too.