Friendship Day Special Bollywood To Politics world-famous Friendship Stories

Friendship Day Special Bollywood To Politics world-famous Friendship Stories

Every year friendship day is known to be celebrated by youngsters of all nations and it is a highly awaited event of the year. It is either the Bollywood or the politics, it could be from a common man to a celebrity, this day is celebrated among almost every friend lover. On account of this special day let’s have a recap at some of the world-famous friendships.

Bollywood is known for major happenings and controversies but it is also famous for some of the famous friendships like Amitabh Bacchan with Shatrughna Sinha and Salman Khan with Shahrukh. Recently in a movie “Sanju”, there was an excellent chemistry shown for a real-life buddies Sanjay Dutt and Kamlesh.

We would like to move our focus now towards major leaders in the world, United States, China, North Korea and Russia. North Korea leader Kim Jong has recently met and united with Trump in a meeting for of de-nuclearization. Bush and Mr. Modi has even shaken their hand in a meeting showing their support for each other over some deals. Similarly, Russia and India are known for their old commitment and companionship. On the contrary, Rahul Gandhi From Indian Congress and Narendra Modi have come face to face in spite of having political disputes.

When it comes to having a friendship with somebody, a day should not be a limit!

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