Anant Chaturdashi | visarjan of Lord Ganesh

Anant Chaturdashi | visarjan of Lord Ganesh

Radiance Vision Group presents "Anant Chaturdashi" is a festival falls after 10 days of Ganesh Chaturthi, festival observed and celebrated by Jains and Hindus. It is the day when all the Jains ask forgiveness for mistakes.

Lokmanya Tilak started Ganesh Utsav for the national purpose of establishing self-government and fixed its duration as ten days.Accordingly, Anant Chaturdashi is immersed in Maharashtra for ten days.

Bhadrapada Pure Chaturdashi is called Anant Chaturdashi. On this day, Ananta worships Vishnu and fasts Ananta. This work is fast and its duration is fourteen years.He fulfills this fast by worshiping the silk rope with fourteen knots for fourteen consecutive years in order to remove the distress that has come upon us and to regain its glory.This fast is not universal.If one preaches or finds the rope of eternity easily, they take the fast and then it continues in the clan.The Pandavas suffered one year of exile and one year of anonymity after losing their gambling.Further, it is said that Lord Krishna preached to the infinite fast to get rid of this disaster.

Extreme circles are drawn at the intersection.The octahedral is removed by placing it completely on it. On it, the remaining serpent with a sprout of seven sprouts is placed in front of it.Wrap clothes for a family.Aquarius is called the Yamuna. Vishnu is worshiped with sixteen treatments after the rest and Yamuna are worshiped.Other forms of worship are Angapuja, Asrapuja and Nampuja. Offer flowers after wreath.Then, with the prayer of Dorka, fourteen bales of cord are tied in the hand or neck.Dissolve old ropes. Offers varieties of wadas and ghargis and dissolves fasting deities.It is believed to show the remains of serpents in this vow.This worship is believed to have come in the form of ancient pagan worshipers when they came to Vaishnavism. In Haryana these days take the vows of infinity.

The Video presents the Visarjan of Ganpatis in Mumbai, the video shows the richness & love of the festival.