Perks of Messenger Marketing | Email Marketing in Mumbai | Thane

Perks of Messenger Marketing | Email Marketing in Mumbai | Thane

It is pretty obvious that the marketers of today know that value of email marketing as it is the go to strategy for a lot of websites. Despite that, collecting emails is one of the most sought ways of interacting ways with customers or clients. Today messenger marketing has evolved such that it has got an edge over email and has a chance of increasing sales by 7 to 25%. Here are some reasons why it is so:

1. Signups:

It is easy to get visitors to sign up for your bot as you can do that with just few clicks rather than a lot of typing.

2. Open rates:

Studies suggest that through messenger marketing there are more possibilities for open rates which is around 70% to 90% which is 2 or 4 time the marketing

3. Click through rates:

Experts agree that good click through rates are somewhere between 28% to 48% and this implies that it has a huge difference compared to email as this has to do with single digit click through rates.

4. Cost per lead:

There was a time when HubSpot tried to generate leads through Messenger and they experienced a massive drop of almost 477% in the cost per leads, despite a slight reduction in the quality of the leads.

5. User data:

Conversations are filled with exchange of information and bots are an easy way to gather user data and insights. Whenever our customer takes action through the bots, we are learning its preferences through the same.

6. Content marketing:

Bots can leverage the power of dynamic content over rigid content and chatbots are dynamic. They can personalize the content as customers can get exactly what he/she wants without much guesses. Bots can also know about the consumption of data by the user such that it can guide him to the next step.

7. Personalization:

Each person converses with a chat bot in a unique or a different way. Therefore, chat bots can result in personalization of conversations i.e., conversing with the people based on how they converse.

8. Micro targeting:

When you have less data on your users, it makes it even more easy to send the right messages to the right people at the right time, by just considering that you can use conditional statements while sending a message.

9. Automation:

Basically a chat bot is an application such that it can make decisions based on some predefined rules. It can automatically respond when you start a conversation. I can gather information and data. It can send the right messages to the users at the right time based on the behavior of the use, and a lot more which emails cannot do.

10. User base:

Messaging apps have got an edge over social media apps in terms of popularity and usage. Messenger grew insanely to 1.3 billion users with less time and Facebook took the sametime to reach the same number. So if your customers are on messenger, you can expect them to message your business. To sum it all up, Messenger is one of the most happening communication channels for business firms and it has evolved into a must have.

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