How to Become an Expert in Content Creation

How to Become an Expert in Content Creation

Google is progressing such that it evaluates and ranks websites. Although it does not reveal its algorithms along with not revealing the type of updates it is going to release. A major part of SEO consists of finding out what these updates are such that companies end up utilizing them to the best for their benefit. Google does not search for anything unless you type something in the search box but it searches in its huge index of websites. For determining the quality of a page, a page must top three things: Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness, as it must have content written by an expert, blog should have authority over the subject and it should be trustworthy enough.

1. Write in your area of expertise:

The first step to become a content writer is to write in your area of expertise on sites that have high authority. Even on content about hobbies should have some level of expertise in content curation. Your content must provide some interesting advice. On the other hand, content like reviews can be written by anyone, unless or until it is informative and well written. If Google has to acknowledge your expertise, ensure that it has to be posted on your website such that it is linkable. Generally longer form content is better, although short pieces that point to such content also work. It is tricky to determine the authority of other websites, but updated content is a good indicator. Look for the number of times the content is shared on social media sites like Facebook. If you company has tools like MOZ or SEMrush, you can evaluate domain authority.

2. Create excellent content:

As a content curator, your content must be professional and it should be of high quality. Google has some parameters to evaluate and declare content as a professional one, such as follows:

• Details- Regardless of the length, it should be detailed information.

• Value- It should have information of value

• Well written- It should be well articulated and engaging as the author must have a grasp over the language.

• Well edited- Your content must be free from all sorts of typos, spelling mistake, punctuation errors etc as they can hurt the authority of the content and the website.

• Positive user experience- Finally your content must provide good user experience. It should not be overlapped by ads, pop ups etc.

3. Update your LinkedIn profile:

LinkedIn has been an amazing platform for business related networking, job seeking or recruiting. Although Google does not have any claims related to looking into social media sites to evaluate pages or rankings.

4. Share of Google Plus:

To all those who don’t know, Google + is the social media handle of Google. This is the one place where you can look for content being acknowledged as one written by an expert. Make sure that Google + and other social media sites are linked to your company’s website as it is important for your work to be easily discovered and that is a way which can validate your claim to expertise. However one can have endorsements on LinkedIn as it makes it easy for Google to evaluate your expertise and trustworthiness.

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