Important factors to look upon by Ad Film Makers

Important factors to look upon by Ad Film Makers

TV ad film has a scope of wide thinking for Ad Film Makers these days. Some of us may remember those ads which had got much attention like Nirma, Liril or it may be Tata Tea Jaago re. The content is humour-based or creating social awareness, audience will register the brand name due to its story and sometimes its song/ melody.

Let's discuss some factors which lead to the success of an ad-

1. Internet users - The world of internet is huge and its content is mostly watched. Due to its popularity, now ad film makers have focused their attention to continuously increasing internet users. Video sites such as youtube, vimeo etc. stuff the fancy ad videos after every time stamp. People may watch this ad or even can skip it. Here fancy means use of some celebrity face, beautiful story or stunning 2D or 3D animation.

2. Ad duration- Length of the ad is also a significant factor to be considered in such innovative need of the world. Few years back, they used to be an average of 1-1.5 minutes. The attention span of the user is less and considering that the ads have to be short and perky in less time.

3. Social awareness- Branding is one factor but making people aware through some important message is another factor for an ad making company. Jago Grahak is a best example for this.
Ariel matic's "why is laundry only a mother's job?" #salutethehomemaker from Midea. Bournvita Badam ad these are few examples.

4. Ad production cost- The important part about making a priceless ad is not its cost but its quality. The ad with real shoot and the one based on animation or Motion Graphics vary in cost. The real shoot consists of the prime location, camera person, high quality equipment's and so on whereas the animation ad does not need all that.

These are some of the factors need to be considered by ad film makers. A genius ad always catches the attention and reach every person in short time.