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Why Does Viruses Come To India: The Aftermath Of Nipah

Why Does Viruses Come To India: The Aftermath Of Nipah

1. Nipah virus first appeared in Malaysia in 1998 in peninsular Malaysia in pigs and pig farmers.
2. Nipah virus outbreaks have been reported in Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh and India.
3. Measures undertaken such as the mass culling of bats.
4. UAE has banned the import of fruits from Kerala.
5. 17 deaths reported till now

Nipah virus has left notable impacts on trade, tourism and agriculture of India. India is one of the South Asian country, and south Asia is a major hotspot for both the animal-borne diseases and climatic change influences on lives.

India was missing Joint External Evaluation, a standard evaluation conducted by WHO to evaluate a countries’ core capacities to prevent, detect, and respond to public health emergencies.

There are various factors involved like High density of population, rapid urbanisation, intense climate and closeness with livestock. that make South Asia vulnerable to emerging zoonoses and their aftermath.