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Best VFX (Visual Effects) In Bollywood

Best VFX (Visual Effects) In Bollywood

Here are some VFX shots from the movies Dilwale, Krrish 3, Bang Bang and others.

With the use of Visual effects also called as digital effects, in footages/ images it becomes possible to make a film where it is challenging or expensive or dangerous for making stunts or sets with the introduction of affordable animation and compositing software. It involves the use of computers to add/or remove anything that was not originally in the shot.

VFX generally comes into the picture, during the post-production of a film/TV, etc. Originally the scenes are shot in front of a green screen with very less set design and required effects/details are added with the help of high-end computer systems. Nowadays, a lot of movies make use of VFX for adding various details to final scenes.