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Viral Video as a Strong Viral Marketing tool

The purpose of Viral Marketing (also known as Viral Advertising) is to spread information about a brand or product, with the help of Social Media, Website or e-mails. With us, it is not just about making the Viral Video Makers and Ad-Film Makers but you also get to create brand awareness.

How Viral Video Helps in Online Advertising?

Some online video advertisements made by video makers in creative ways go viral while others remain unnoticed. We need to do exercise about writing the viral video content which keeps the viewer interested and motivated to share.

A viral video is made “viral” by people, viewers or users of that video. These videos are usually shared via Social Media, Website or e-mails. Viral video makers include funny moment or short story, a dangerous or scary scene or latest news, which can entertain people.

The above video is a content of 2d 3d animation Which we have designed for our client Marico. The video Display the precautions which a shopkeeper has to take while storing the packet of Saffola oats

An American tourist John Allen Chau,27 years old managed to sneak onto the North Sentinal Island By paying 25000 to the fisherman, making an attempt to convert Sentinelse to Christianity, where he was killed by them with arrows

The Above video is Prepared to create Awaraness about the right to vote among the upcoming youths and the urban areas of MadhyaPradesh and to the Confused Souls.

The Newly Weds Ranveer Singh and Depika Padukone discovered a cheerful surprise while eating out on weekday. They were at an Indian restaurant in state capital austin, Texas, where they found a Deepika Padukone dosa on the menu!