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How to Find the Targeted Audience For 2D and 3D Animation

Before the invention of 2D and 3D animation, it was a scenario where you could entertain and educate your audience with very little sources, henceforth the invention of animation it has become necessary to target the right audience in order to convey the right message at right time.

Best 5 Animation Movies of Hollywood

The Academy Awards (OSCAR) are given each year by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the best film award winners of the preceding year. The Academy Award is given each year for animation movies. An animated feature is defined by the Academy as a film longer than 40 min.

Video lover people have started visualising the world in a different way. Today, it is 'Animation' that is being used in every video, movie to boost the impact of a storyline. Animation has come a long way. With the latest technology new types of animations are born in recent years. But, the basic two types, 2D animation and 3D animation is the hea