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What Your Business Should Know About Explainer Videos?

What Your Business Should Know About Explainer Videos?

What Your Business Should Know About Explainer Videos?

If your company is about to make or update an existing explainer video, we would like to share our experience to help you with it. Take a read on our article which will outline the process and set appropriate expectations for companies working on the project of creating a successful business explainer video.

Explainer Video Basics

Video is a paramount in today's marketing world, and this is true for all types such as small to large enterprises. Video marketing is essential in today's world, explainer videos are the best video investment for that. It is the perfect foundation for a video campaign, because they allow imagination, are multifunctional, approachable and also impact both old and new customers.

You can use software to create your own animation video as stated in our blog 2D Character Animation Style Explainer Video for a business by hiring a company to make the process quicker, cheaper, and easier. Some companies will say that for a 30 Second Explainer Videos, it takes 2.5 weeks or anywhere between 4 to 5 weeks.

You need to know your budget and time frame. It's beneficial to have a digital file of your logo, a written explanation of what your business provides, and a strongly phrased call-to-action. It's also advisable to share inspirational videos with the animation company to illustrate the style you want and your expectations.

Steps to start making explainer videos-

Draft a video script
Record the voice-over
Select and purchase music
Principal Animation
Sound Mixing
Video is always worth the investment.

A final word of advice, after you spend all the time and money to create an incredible Business explainer video, make sure to share the video by your marketing people for each individual social media channel. Video is always worth the investment!