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The Beginner's Guide to Ad-Filmmaking production Process

The Beginner's Guide to Ad-Filmmaking production Process

The Beginner's Guide to Ad-Filmmaking production Process

Ad-film maker's industry go hand in hand with digital marketing, since advertisement play a great impact on people, which companies want to target for marketing of products as well as services.

If the basics are known to the maker, it is possible to make ads in very less time and efforts. Have a look at the basics of ad-films for beginners:

Step 1: Making a brief
For briefing, we need to grab an information about some of the factors like potential buyers, marketing goal, where will the ads be shown, length of the video, type of ad, expenditure.

Step 2: Pre-Production
This stage involves
1. Planning of cast and characters, whatever maybe the type of advertise.
2. Location of the shoot,
3. Storyline
4. VFX to be used

This is the planning phase in which a production schedule is developed which is a detailed work plan of anything and everything.

Step 3: Video Production
The plan created in the previous phase is implemented in the Production stage. Video shooting is a time taking process as each shot is to be taken properly. Shooting equipments are required to be moved after every shot and therefore it is imperative that the film crew be allotted sufficient time to capture the best shot possible.

Step 4: Post Production
This is the final phase in creating the video, Post-Production involves editing of the captured scenes, adding graphics and animation, music and audio composition, giving voice-over, dubbing, color correction. Every part of the video is re-edited if it is not proper and fine-tuning is performed.

This guide serves as a starting point for ad film production beginners to understand the technicalities involved in this field.