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Need of Sitemap for a SEO Company

Need of Sitemap for a SEO Company

Need of Sitemap for a SEO Company

A site map helps users and search engines to navigate through website's content easily. Search Engine Optimization is indirectly connected to this concept. It is a hierarchical list of pages and their links organized topic wise, an organization chart. This XML document instructs the search engine bot or crawler for how to navigate a website. In simple terms, it is a list of pages of a web site.

A website development company has to keep in mind that search engines become aware of every webpage of the site using the Sitemap including URLs that are not discovered through the normal crawling process by search engine. In other words, sitemap.xml file, helps search engine crawlers index all pages on the site whereas it does not guarantee that every page of a site will be crawled.

Site maps have to be used during the planning of a site by its designers. They are structured listings used by web crawlers such as search engines. In earlier days, submitting to search engines was mandatory by filling out a form on the search engine's submission page.

Sitemaps are helpful in these cases-
a. If a site has dynamic content more.
b. It is new and does not have many links to it.
c. contains a lot of archived content that is not well-linked.

In new method now web developers submit a Sitemap, and submitting it regularly after the new pages are published may allow search engines to find and index those pages over finding the pages on its own.