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Marketing and Employment

Marketing and Employment

Marketing and Employment

Marketing has taken an interesting route in the aspects of employment. The jobs and duties have evolved from generic to specific such that there are certain prerequisites for getting employed in that particular position, which can refer to certain skills or certain qualifications. Marketing has evolved with diverse opportunities offering good pay to those who are employed, provided it is a very competitive field where one has to strive a lot in order to be outstanding. People who are into this field have to be updated with the trends in social media, tastes and preferences of the consumers etc.

Here are some of the job roles which are going to be potential areas of employment in the field of marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the act of marketing using digital technologies. It has grown into a specialised field which needs some knowledge regarding technology and marketing. It is marketing fused with technology. Digital marketing contributes to brand building and value addition on various social media platforms. It also helps in faster conversion of leads.

Digital marketing is offered as an online workshop through various means and it is something which can be learnt.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is all about looking for ways which are targeted towards growth. A lot of data is tested which contribute towards growth. Growth hacking is done using technical and analytical tools. It is a continuous process where growth hackers analyse the scenario, come up with plans for growth hacking, implement the plan, analyse the results, modify the plan and repeat it. Growth hacking is all about smart work fused with hard work.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is act of generating online traffic for the website of your company. SEO is a very technical task. The advent of AI into SEO is expected to bring in a lot of changes. So there is a need for pre-requisite

knowledge in certain technical aspects. With searches becoming more customised, User Experience is something which is going to be given more importance.

Content Marketing

%u201CContent is king%u201D. The presence of attractive content is one of the factors which guarantee the success of a company. Content marketing is all about generating content for the website. Today it is necessary for content marketer to have pre requisite knowledge for the kind of company they are working for as there is a need for technical knowledge for the generation of content, regardless of what kind of company, be it technology, finance , marketing etc. In other words, content marketers play with words in a technical and a well curated manner.

Business Explainer Video

Business Explainer video is a video which offers explanation about the business. It is an interesting way of usage of creativity. Business explainer video requires people who have the knack for creating attractive videos which offer explanations about the company regarding services they provide etc as it is all about conveying more by saying less.

Ad- film making

Advertisement film making is something which has been delegated and outsourced by external organisations. External organisations filled with specialists who understand the needs of the company and have the skill and creativity to create attractive and appealing advertisements which are  aired on the TV or on YouTube commercials etc. Graduates from Mass Communication, Visual Communication etc have an interesting scope for getting a job in this field. Although it is not a rigid field, anyone who is passionate about this can definitely take this option into consideration.