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How to Give Voice Over to A Corporate Video

How to Give Voice Over to A Corporate Video

How to Give Voice Over to A Corporate Video

A company's Corporate video refers to any type of video content that is created for and commissioned by company. Most of the companies use it mainly to promote their brand or product that is often considered its main usage. Without a voice the video is incomplete. Check out the steps on how to give a voice over.

1. Creating a Corporate Video
First step is to create a video as per the requirements including upload images and video audio clips, add title slides, and rearrange them.
Our Corporate video makers require you to select a commercially-licensed song from our music library. In order to preview the video, listen to the entire song you selected.

2. Preview Your Video
Since you won't be able to do it later on, if you need to make any changes, make them now. Make sure the video style you selected fits your business, and everything goes well.
Practice your voice-over script while playing the Preview. Check if it does matches well. If it does not, then now's the time to adjust everything about length of the video and voice over content.

3. Record Your Voice-Over Before You Produce Your Video
You can also record your voice-over while you watch the preview of your video just when you practice. Keep in mind that you need to keep extra few seconds in your voice over to give pace to the breathing.

There are a variety of free application softwares allow you to record and export your voice. You can mute the video's sound if you don't want music playing in the background.

4. Save Your Voice-Over File as an MP3
If you're using a program that allows you to select the type of file your recording will be saved as, just pick the .mp3 file extension and you're all set. If your program saves the file as something else, you can convert it to an MP3 using an online converter.

Although these steps are written for giving voice over to a corporate video, it might also be helpful for recording any voice over.