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How Corporate Films Are Made

How Corporate Films Are Made

How Corporate Films Are Made


We help you understand the various aspects of making corporate films with awesome content for your company. The corporate video include various varieties as Corporate overview videos, staff training videos, safety videos, promotional films, investor relations and shareholder videos, market updates, product videos, executive proposal videos or customer testimonial videos. These videos are hosted online and are published on the company's page. Then distributed through Social Media Marketing or Email Marketing.

What is the idyllic duration for a corporate audiovisual?
Anything more than 5 minutes and the viewers are going to lose the attention. However, there is no fixed rule to this and it all depends on the goal behind creating the corporate audiovisual. Considering decreasing attention spans of today's viewers, short is always sweet. Hence keep it short and effective unless it is a training or demo video.

Steps involved in making a corporate video

Corporate videos or any other forms of marketing videos including ad films comprise of 5 steps as follows:

1. Project Initiation and Briefing
2. Pre-Production
3. Video Production
4. Post-Production and Video Editing
5. Final delivery and website integration

Cost of making corporate Film
A good-quality professionally executed corporate film of around 5 minutes costs anything between Rs. 3 to 4 lakhs. This is just a imprecise figure to help you plan. The definitive cost depends on several factors like number of days of shoot, the script, does it involve actors or celebs, travel, studio, art direction, music, amount of computer graphics & animation and most importantly the quality you are looking at.

Duration of making Film
It can typically take 2.5-3 weeks but it again depends on what is the topic of the video, desired quality and in how much time client needs it. We have delivered films in 5 days to 5 weeks time.