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Corporate Video Makers Producing “Training Videos” in 3 ways

Corporate Video Makers Producing “Training Videos” in 3 ways

Corporate Video Makers Producing “Training Videos” in 3 ways

Corporate videos are meant to solve various communication problems from training to recruitment, Safety to Manufacturing process or services. Corporate video makers need to create videos that hit the right chord and deliver the perfect message to your looked-for audience.

Training doesn't have to be dull. Training videos should combine the important messages you need to get across with a gripping story. Your audience learn more effectively when they are engaged. And most importantly, they retain that information more accurately and faster.

Here you will find 3 Types of Videos to Modernize Your Training Program-

1. Screencast Personalized video - In this, you need to Set up a local demo environment. Write a script with notations on where pauses might be needed. Record the narration or voice-over in an audio recording program Export final audio, then import into ScreenFlow. Record on-screen actions with audio. Add the animated intro and outro. Add background music, but mind the voice-over. Export the final screencast video directly to video platforms (such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and share!

2. Microlearning Explainer video-
Many categories involved

3. Gamification-
Create a leaderboard for questions answered correctly.
Associate levels with skills.
Provide badges and certificates for each level completed.
Level-up on gamification with video contests.
Use interactive video.

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