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Combine Motion Graphics with Character Animation

Combine Motion Graphics with Character Animation

Combine Motion Graphics with Character Animation

The term "character animation" conveys or describes a number of different artistic disciplines. Fundamentally, it's the act of giving life to static objects. Characters can vary in size, shape as well as colors like cartoonish characters.
In an era of Motion Graphics,  Visual effects and 3D modeling software, character animation has come a long way from what it once was. In this post, we'll talk about the process of creating animated characters in After Effects.
The Character Animation Process

1. Sketching
Sketching using pen and paper is a basic need of animation, same thing applies to character animation as well. The goal is to simply give striking looks to the ordinary object. But, it needs more time to animate it when it's too complex.

2. Designing
Once the sketch is ready, it's time to bring it to "life". With the help of Open Photoshop, Affinity and other such tools, import a scan or picture of your sketch. Now once it is ready, you can use it as a reference for designing a colourful version of that character. All you need to do is to create separate layers for all of your character's moving parts. It's no doubt properly label each of your layers, as the layer names will be used when you import the character in After Effects and next step is saving it into a PSD format.

3. Rigging
It is the process of connecting the body parts together and getting your character ready for animation. Parenting your Photoshop layers to null objects. The null objects will be used as directors to adjust your character's movement.

4. Keyframing
keyframing is not as easy as you think. Timing is usually a big challenge for people. To solve that problem you need to do a good exercise on various types of animations with great tricks.

5. Troubleshooting
The purpose of adding troubleshooting in this list is that every character animation project is going to require quite a bit of problem solving. Your project will have issues just like every other character animation project after you set your keyframes, so you need to figure out where your problems are.

With the help of above process you can get great work done with best output.